Bonsai Garden

Bonsai is the art of growing Ornamental, trees & shrubs in pots. This Bonsai garden was developed by Lt. Mrs. Upkar Rajoria. She was the president of M.P. Bonsai Society. Many of her Award Winning Plants are displayed in the garden.



The building of Career College was designed by India’s renowned architect Lt. Shri Ullhas Wallabh under the guidance of Sobty brothers.


Girls Hostel



A well-furnished auditorium with a sitting capacity of approximately 700 People. Beautifully done up stage and ornamental decoration of walls to hold and host innumerable College programmes and functions both curricular and co-curricular.


Hospital speciality

  • General and specialist Medical, Surgical, Paediatric, Orthopedic ,Obstetric & Gynae facilities.
  • Superspeciality Care in Nephrology (Kidney failure). Patients are also treated in CIMS with dialysis machines under care of expert Nephrologist.
  • Superspeciality care in cardiology (Six bed Air-conditioned ICCU fully equipped with Cardiac Monitor,Defibrillator, Pulse oxymeter, etc.) with facility for Echocardiography and TMT by Cardiologist.
  • Two air-conditioned Operation Theaters equipped with LAMINAR FLOW, 'C' arm, Cardiac monitors, and defibrillators.
  • Labour room with separate facilities for Caesarian section.
  • Six bed ICU for seriously ill patients.
  • Facilities for Infertility clinic for issueless couple.
  • Facilities for family planning operations and post delivery physiotherapy.
  • Anti natal care for pregnant women with facilities for gynae ultrasonography and pregnancy test.
  • Vaccination facility to infants and children.
  • There is an excellent trauma center in CIMS. It is managed by senior Orthopedic surgeon Country's renowned orthopaedic surgeon Dr H.R. Jhunjhunwala , Mumbai visits CIMS every alternate month and provide consultations to orthopedic patients and operates them at CIMS, if required.
  • Facilities of Mobile X-ray machine & large fixed static X-ray machine.
  • Facilities for ultrasonography.
  • Facilities for Echocardiography, TMT and ECG.
  • Pathological investigations with ultra-modern and automatic machine under care of senior pathologist.
  • 24 hour power supply without interruption through auto generator.
  • 24 hour ambulance
  • 24 hour medical store facility.

Art & Craft Room

An artistically designed and decorated Music, Art and Craft Room having a Tabla, Harmonium, Synthesizer and Drums etc. are a part of parcel of this room. Students spend their leisure time learning the finer skills and nitty-gritty of performing arts. It is a platform to relax unwind and learn for students as well as teachers.


Central Library

A well – equipped Central Library which provides a spectrum of Text Books, Reference Books, Magazines, Journals, Research Papers, e-Books, National and International Journals, etc. New books are being added periodically in all the streams. e-library and e-books are also and intrinsic part of the library.



On the South-Eastern corner of the Campus is another attraction for the students i.e. the College Canteen. Tasty, Snacks and Beverages are available.


Moot Court

A method of teaching Law and Legal skills that requires students to analyze and argue both sides of a hypothetical legal issue using procedures modeled after those employed in state.

Moot court enables the students to analyze legal issue. Its larger purpose is to teach students practical side of litigation. Law students are given a detail hypothetical situation in which one or more legal issues are raised in a realistic scenario. Often these fact patterns are based on real and appellate cases put up before the hon’ble Supreme Court and hon’ble High court.

Students are assigned the position on the issue to be argued. Thereafter they conduct legal research, finding statutes, regulations and case law that both support and detract from their positions. An important part of the Moot Court process is to teach the students to overcome Legal Authority (statutes, regulations and cases) that cuts against their position.

Moot Court are regularly organized by the College which encourages students not only to participate but also acclimatizes with the court proceedings.


Computer Lab